How it all began...

My husband, Phil and I (Carol) are owned by four rescue dachshunds, Sydney, Sammy, Tinker and Scooby, whom we are proud to say are a wee bit spoiled. 

Three years ago, when opening “their” closet, yes, they have their own closet - (a little less cluttered now), I was bombarded with blankets and beds falling over from the piles I had so neatly stacked, amidst an assortment of sweaters, jackets, Team jerseys, raincoats, well, you get the idea. As I scrambled to catch myself from falling, readjusted my attitude, I remember thinking how I wished all dogs were as blessed to be in a warm loving home and never have to worry about being cold, scared, or left to die.

It has been a journey watching our own rescues dealing with a variety of medical issues, fear, and one just having to learn to walk because their paws were deformed from living in cages with wire floors. As much as it broke my heart, it also made me determined to do something, anything, thus Paws ’n A Blanket was born. I saw that something as simple as a blanket could not only give warmth when needed but in many cases provided comfort and security.

Phil and I started purchasing blankets, we searched for the best deals, sales, clearances and bought what we could, when we could. We boxed them up and sent them to rescues and a few “no kill” shelters and even hand delivered a few. Soon, we started getting requests and realized there were so many that needed help it would be so very easy to become overwhelmed, we needed to find help and other ways to raise money. We enlisted the help of a like-minded team of family & friends to form our Board of Directors. As of October 1, 2014, PNAB is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We are able to not only collect blankets, but toys and all other types of consumable items including food products to distribute.

In the months of Dec through March of 2015, we were able to purchase just over a 1,000 blankets and distribute them to more than 20 rescue facilities. That may not sound like much to most people, but it’s something, considering our first purchase and donation was 100 blankets. Yes, we are starting small, but as long as there is a need, we will continue to do what we can,  when we can, where we can. We CAN all do something!

We welcome any and all who wish to join us on this journey, whether it be by making donations, or holding us up and those in need in prayer. 

-PNAB Team